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Aztec Soccer Club: 2020-21 Program Overview

The Aztec Difference

For two decades, Aztec Soccer Club has been a leader in providing high level and professional soccer training through a player development model that has a proven track record of allowing players to fulfill their potential while also instilling a lifelong love for the game.

Recent partnerships with Skillz Check - the top technical skills program in the Northeast - as well as with local training facilities (indoor and outdoor) result in our players receiving - across all age groups - the highest quality, the most progressive and the maximum amount of training opportunities all within the North Shore and beyond through our regional partners. Simply put, we bring the best directly to you.

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: The Aztec Professional Player Development Pathway aims to unlock these opportunities for players of all ages through high-level and progressive technical, tactical, physical, and mental training.

PROFESSIONAL STAFF: The Aztec coaching staff is made up of the highly-licensed and experienced coaches who are respected as the most established trainers in all of New England. The dedicated staff brings exceptional records of development and achievement.

PROVEN PATHWAY:  For 20 years, Aztec has developed thousands of players who have gone on to successful youth, high school, college and professional careers. A comprehensive College Preparatory Program provides professional support for all senior players.

CORE VALUES: The program places a premium on teaching core values that impact the overall character of each individual player. Giving back to the community is paramount to instilling positive life values.

Skillz Check Soccer Academy

Our Technical Skills Partner

Through this partnership, Aztec players gain access to Skillz Check program offerings. Skillz Check Soccer Academy was founded by Aztec's Technical Director, Mo Keita, and is well known around the North Shore for delivering top-level soccer training, with the objective of guiding youth players to reach their maximum potential.

College Preparatory Program

Our Senior Pathway

The Aztec College Preparatory (Prep) Program is designed to guide and assist senior players as they navigate through high school and into college. The goal of our program is to provide the academic and recruiting guidance, information and resources to better enable them to advance to the next step in their journey as a student-athlete. 

Aztec Junior Academy

PROGRAM OVERVIEW: The Aztec Junior Academy is designed to prepare players for the demands of the competitive program pathway. The Junior Academy introduces a fun, fast-paced, game-like environment that teaches the fundamentals, improves soccer intelligence, builds healthy training habits, and inspires a love of the game.

Our Junior Academy coaches are keenly focused on individual player development, but also begin to introduce team play and concepts. We also educate parents about proper expectations in their child’s youth soccer experience and begin to create a proper pathway for each player.

PROGRAM OFFERINGS: The Aztec Junior Academy  offers a progressive curriculum and training environment that supports multiple ability levels. Individual-focused training coupled with team play fosters a community environment and establishes a technical foundation and direct pathway into Junior Teams.

TRAINING LOCATION: Top facilities on the North Shore

LEAGUE PLAY: New England Premiership (NEP)


ANNUAL FEE: $1,950

Jeff Winterton
Jr Academy Director

Junior Academy Program Summary

Summer Fall Winter Spring
Skillz Check Day Camp at Gov's (optional) 2 Training sessions/week 1 Training session/week 2 Training sessions/week
1 Remote training/week 1 Remote training/week 1 Remote training/week
NEP 7v7 Festival Matches 1 Futsal Match/week NEP 7v7 Festival Matches

Aztec Junior Teams

PROGRAM OVERVIEW: The Aztec Junior U11-U14 teams are designed to prepare passionate young soccer players for success. The goal is to create special players with confidence on the ball while also focusing on developing soccer intelligence, physicality, mental toughness, and character.

Our Junior Teams receive a high level of training by licensed, experienced coaches with a focus on player development. Our emphasis is on individual confidence with the ball, technical development, and placing the kids in a competitive environment to expose them to all the components of the game.

PROGRAM OFFERINGS: The Aztec Junior Teams receive maximum technical and tactical training in team and pool settings. These sessions are complimented by a series of league matches (fall and spring), futsal and intrasquad competition (winter), classroom and remote sessions (fall, winter and spring), and tournament experiences.


PRIMARY TRAINING LOCATION: Essex Sports Center (Middleton); Bishop Fenwick, (Peabody); Essex Technical High School (Danvers); St. John's Prep (Danvers); Waring School (Beverly); Emerson Field (Topsfield).

LEAGUE PLAY: New England Premiership (NPL/NEP)

ANNUAL FEE: $2,750

Winston Haughton
Jr Boys Director

Ashley McGown
Jr Girls Director

Junior Team Program Summary

Summer Fall Winter Spring
Skillz Check Camps (optional) 2 Training sessions/week 2 Training session/week 2 Training sessions/week
Pre-season training (end of August) 1 Pool Training/week 1 In-house game/week 1 Pool Training/week
1 League game/week 1 Classroom Training/week 1 League game/week
1 Remote Team Training/week 1 Remote Team Training/week

Aztec Senior Teams

PROGRAM OVERVIEW: The Aztec Senior U15-U19 teams prepare players for success at the highest level of soccer they are looking to play -- whether that be high school, college, or beyond. The advanced curriculum focus on the individual player and their goals. Players are allowed to compete for their high school teams during the fall season.

PROGRAM OFFERINGS: The Aztec Senior Teams play in the top levels of club competition and participate in intense technical and tactical training sessions during the winter through spring months. Senior players work with highly-licensed and experienced coaches, many of whom are connected with local college programs. The senior players gain access to top college showcases and tournaments and receive personalized support and services through the College Preparatory Program.

U15 PROGRAM: From September through mid November, all U15 players who are not eligible to play high school sports take part in a comprehensive fall training program which includes a minimum of three training sessions per week.


PRIMARY TRAINING LOCATION: Essex Sports Center (Middleton); Bishop Fenwick, (Peabody); Essex Technical High School (Danvers); St. John's Prep (Danvers); Waring School (Beverly); Emerson Field (Topsfield).

LEAGUE PLAY: New England Premiership (NPL/NEP)

ANNUAL FEE: $2,200 (U16-U19); $2,200 (U15 9th graders); $2,600 (U15 8th graders)

Julius Pertillar
Sr Boys Director

Mike Kersker
Sr Girls Director

Mo Souisse
NPL Girls Director

Senior Team Program Summary

Summer Fall Winter Spring
Skillz Check Camp (optional) High School Play 2 Training session/week 2 Training sessions/week
1 Classroom Training/week 1 Pool Training/week
1 League game/week
1 Remote Team Training/week

Aztec U23 Team

PROGRAM OVERVIEW: Every summer, Aztec runs a U23 men's and women's program structured to offer players a competitive opportunity to train and play in preparation for the upcoming collegiate season.

PROGRAM OFFERINGS: The U23 program offers players in the New England Premiership U23 division, training twice a week starting in late May. Teams are coached by senior Aztec staff including many collegiate coaches.  All games will be played once a week on Sundays. The season typically runs  from late May to late July. Home field (games and training) are located on the North Shore.


PRIMARY TRAINING LOCATION: Endicott College (Beverly); Essex Technical High School (Danvers); Gordon College (Wenham).

LEAGUE PLAY: New England Premiership

Jared Scarpaci
U23 Boys

Oli Gunnarsson
U23 Girls

General Program Overview

Here are specific updates as it relates to the 2020-21 season.

Annual Club Fee: The 2020-21 club fee is based on Aztec providing the same scope of services – technical sessions (indoor and outdoor), league play (fall and spring), tactical and physical training, and skills sessions – from August through the end of May.

Sibling Discount: Families with multiple players registering for the same season are eligible to receive a 5% sibling discount. In order to take advantage of the discount, all players must be registered at the same time. A 5% discount will be applied to the second player as well as any additional players from that point on.

Remote Training: A series of remote trainings (classroom and possible small group and team trainings) may be incorporated to complement other current and planned on-field and in-person curriculum.

Tuition Assistance: Aztec Soccer Club is committed to providing a high-quality, affordable youth soccer program, accessible to everyone. To be considered for tuition assistance, applicants must complete the online application (click here). Applicants must be in good financial standing with the club and their team from prior years.

Pre-Season Training: It is important to note that Aztec is planning to begin the 2020-21 season at the end of August and will introduce pre-season training for Junior teams.

Tournament Fees: There will be no assessed tournament fees until tournament play has been confirmed and fully communicated through the individual team channels. If teams are able to and the club feels comfortable placing our teams in a tournament environment, families will be assessed the appropriate fee at that time.


While we anticipate, hope and are planning for a traditional season of complete on-field training and league play Aztec has established a refund policy that is in place for next season.

- The Aztec year is broken into four seasons: Fall (September - October); Winter I (November - January); Winter II (February - March): and Spring (April - May).

- If conditions restrict  on field training and/or league play during any of our seasons - Fall, Winter I, Winter II or Spring - Aztec will provide a refund for the lost season. For instance, if we are not able to train on field during the fall, families will receive a refund in the amount of 25% of the total tuition paid. If we are not able to train during Fall and Winter I, families will receive 50% of the total tuition paid back in the form of a direct refund, etc.

- If we are able to conduct on-field training but our league will not allow for official league games to be held in the fall and/or spring due to health or travel concerns, families will receive a $200 refund for each of the lost league seasons ($200 for the fall; $200 for the spring).

- The deposit made at the time of contract signing is included as part of the total tuition. As such, the deposit is 100% refundable in the event that we are not able to conduct any on-field training during the 2020-21 season.

- Aztec is assuming all  financial risk for any future COVID-19 crisis that would keep us from being able to deliver on-field training.

Our Partners

The Aztec Soccer Club has formed strategic partnerships that allow our program to better support the needs of our players and families.