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Aztec Indoor Facility Guidelines

Aztec Soccer Winter Training

Aztec offers its players a full complement of training during the winter months for all junior academy, junior and senior teams.

All  training during Winter II - January  through the end of March - is held at local indoor facilities. In order to minimize the interaction between training groups and visiting families during this Covid-19 pandemic, the facilities have very strict no-spectator rules and exit/entrance policies in place.

We appreciate your adherence to these guidelines and ask that you follow these rules to help keep everyone safe both inside and outside of the facilities.

See below for specific guidelines.

General Indoor Training Guidelines

Here are general guidelines, while specific facility instructions can be found below. These rules are for the safety of our players. Please read them carefully and make them known to anyone who may be dropping off or picking up your player at training.

- Players should not enter any facility until their scheduled training time. If players arrive early, they must wait in their car until their scheduled training time.

- Players are not permitted to enter and wait inside any training facility. Facility owners and health officials are taking note of groups that are not adhering to these policies.

- Players should arrive dressed and ready to train. - Players must exit the facility immediately following their training session.

- Players should always follow posted information or signage for proper entrance and exit from a facility. Entrance and exit plans are in place for your safety and are mandated and enforced by local health officials.

- Parents and players should establish - ahead of time - a specific pick-up location and plan so that players are able to safely find their rides following training.

D & R Topsfield Indoor Sports Arena

The D & R Topsfield Indoor Sports Arena is located at 270 Boston Street in Topsfield, Massachusetts. The facility hosts winter training for Aztec teams and Aztec Academy programming.


- All cars should enter and exit through the main Topsfield Fairgrounds entrance (located at the intersection of Route 1 and South Main Street).

- Upon entrance into Topsfield Fairgrounds, the speed limit is 15 mph. Please refrain from speeding. Police will be taking notice.

- All cars should follow the road that leads to the back of the Arena. The red arrows indicate the path for cars entering and exiting the grounds.

- Effective1/6/21, the side gate/road will no longer be accessible for traffic.

 The entrance and exit doors to the facility are located on the east side of the building located across from the main parking lot.

- Players/guardians should exit their car only when safe to do so and should avoid having to run across the parking lot where cars may be in active motion.

- Players/guardians should make every effort to find a parking spot and avoid causing congestion in front of the main entrance/exit. You are asked to park in the designated spots