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Aztec At Home Player Trainings and Workouts

junior and senior team at home focused workouts/training suggestions

Aztec will be utilizing social media channels – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok – as well as SportsEngine and email to provide our players with at-home resources, challenges and activities, training and workouts (below) to stay active and connected during these difficult times.  

Our program directors are preparing activities specifically designed for our players while they respect the social distancing guidelines set forth by the public health officials. Aztec urges all families to follow the social distancing protocols and do everything to stay safe and secure during these difficult times.

Of course, we encourage all of our players to post videos and photos of themselves playing soccer at home and tag Aztec Soccer with the appropriate challenge/game hashtags (#aztecskillzchallenge, #aztecminiballchallenge #weareaztec, #aztecgirls, #aztecboys, #aztecskills, #aztectok, #aztecworkout, #aztecfakes).

social media accounts

Instagram (@aztecsoccerma)
- (@aztecsoccer)
- (@aztecsoccernh)
- (@bostonazzurri)
- (@padovasoccer)
Tik Tok (@aztecsoccerclub)
Twitter (@aztecsoccerma)

Aztec At Home Fitness and Ballwork

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