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Aztec Futures

Train with Aztec Soccer Club Professional coaches and with Aztec Jr. Academy Teams! Aztec Futures prepares young soccer players for future Club Teams or for future success on their Town teams.  


Aztec Academy Director:
Jeff Winterton, NSCAA Advanced National Diploma

Kenny Finn, NSCAA Advanced National Diploma

Program Differentiators:


  • Clear pathway from playing Pre-K to our Academy Teams and beyond.  83 former Aztec Tots Players have played on Aztec Club Teams, including 10 U17 State Champions



  • Development of the whole child: physically, technically, cognitively, emotionally


  •  Parents are educated to help understand Aztec's Long Term Development Plan and the benefits of being part of the Aztec Community


  • FUN and challenging environment with coaches who inspire


  • Professionally run sessions with a 12:1 player to coach ration are more beneficial than ones led by volunteers


  • Like minded families who not only want the best training, but a program that recognizes the young age of the players


  • Progressive age appropriate activities including “Real Matches” (winter/spring).


  • Top notch indoor facility providing the best environment for learning PLUS no sunscreen, no umbrellas, no bug spray!



AZTEC FUTURES: Birth Year 2009/2010/2011

The Aztec Futures is the program to choose for professional coaching and a progressive curriculum for youth players born 2009/2010/2011.

The program is open to ALL levels of skill and experience. Coach Jeff evaluates all players, and places everyone in the appropriate age group, skill level and/or team. Players already love the beautiful game, let Aztec Futures set the stage for age appropriate competition.

For nearly 20 years, Aztec has dedicated itself to training and mentoring young soccer enthusiasts.  We recognize the young age of these athletes and as such, Aztec Futures Academy program is specially designed to suit everyone. We offer a flexible programming structure to allow even the most time sensitive family the opportunity to give their son or daughter the benefit of the most effective curriculum and methodology to prepare your young soccer player for the FUTURE!

For more than 10 years, Jeff Winterton has proudly served as the Aztec Academy Director. He has over 29 years of experience preparing and coaching soccer players for their future in youth soccer and beyond.



  • Families choose 1 day or 2 days per/week schedule
  • Families choose to register for separate seasons or full 10 month program
  • Full 1.5 hour training sessions held at Essex Sports Center
  • Small groups guarantee coaches connect with individual players to reinforce concepts
  • Winter Season matches played in the the Aztec Junior Academy League
  • Each week has 1 Training & 1 Academy Match or 2 Training Days, depending on season:

Boys: Mondays/Wednesdays

Girls: Tuesdays/Thursdays

  • Affordable Fees:
    • 10 Month Program, Sept 4-June 1

U8 Academy 10 Month/2 Day - $1500

U8 Academy 10 Month/1 Day - $800

  • 1 Season, Sept 4-Oct 26 (8 weeks)

U8 Academy Fall Only/2 Day - $400

U8 Academy Fall Only/1 Day - $225




"Aztec Academy has shaped our daughter and son both as players and as people. The coaches earned respect of the children immediately. They have developed an understanding of the game, significantly improved individual skills, and created wonderful friendships." - Jeff and Chrissy

"Our 3 daughters' passion for soccer dates back to their days in the Aztec Academy.  Jeff Winterton and his staff have a great knack for getting the young ones to love and respect the game." - Chuck and Erin

"We are truly lucky to have had Jeff as a coach. We wholeheartedly recommend the Aztec Academy Program for any child who loves soccer and wants to grow as a player." - Brian and Maureen 

"Jeff Winterton's Academy program is hands down, where you want your children to learn the beautiful game. There is NO ONE better in teaching young children the fundamental skills that will enable them to have fun AND be successful in the game of soccer." - Al and Lorinda

"The Aztec Academy program was a valuable experience for our sons.  It gave them a solid foundation from which to build their soccer knowledge." - Greg and Jenn 

"Our journey through Soccer Tots, the Academy program and now playing U14 soccer for Aztec pretty much sums it up. Nine years with the program and my daughters love for the game just keeps growing." - Tina

"The Aztec Soccer program has been an invaluable vehicle for introducing the sport… and most importantly a love… of soccer to my children." - Becky 

"We've watched first hand as our son progressed through the Aztec curriculum. Jeff's intentional focus on long term development rather than temporary results has been a consistent theme throughout." - Brad and Sarah