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November 20, 2018: Aztec Collaboration Continues

Effective Immediately: 

We are delighted to announce that Aztec Soccer has joined in a strategic partnership with South Shore Select and a collaboration with FC Boston Bolts for the benefit of all of our players. This partnership will work cooperatively to improve club best practices, improve player development, provide additional opportunities and improved platforms for player showcasing, as well as tournament and league support. We are very excited about the short term opportunities this will bring our players and the long term potential of this collaboration for the club.

July 30, 2018: Aztec Partners with NE Rush

The partnership between Aztec and New England Rush solidifies Aztec’s presence in Northern Massachusetts and the entire Boston area. As of today, there will be two Aztec regions: Aztec Central and Aztec Boston both representing the core values held in high regard: leadership, unity, accountability and transparency. The synergy between the clubs speaks to the value that both organizations place on the stewardship of their staff, players and families. “Our values are similar and our missions are aligned,” says Aztec President, Mike Kersker. Executives from both organizations offer reassurances to their respective families that teams and staff will not change. Instead the expansion should be seen as benefiting everyone with the implementation of sustainable best practices, improved programming and enhanced credibility within our college recruitment process.

July 2018: U23 2018 NEP Champs

U23 Alum Aidan W

July 2018: The Aztec U23 men's team capped off a great summer season as NEP U23 2018 Regular Season Champions! The group put together an impressive 6-1 regular season campaign, outscoring opponents 24-12 over the span of the summer. The team of Aztec Alum had outstanding leadership from veterans Aidan Robinson (Middlebury) and Aidan Wood (Hamilton), with the unwavering skill of young players such as Jay McPherson (UMASS-Amherst) and Cristian Suvak (UCONN).

Please join the Aztec Community in wishing these athletes the best of luck in their upcoming fall seasons!

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