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Details on check-in procedures will be posted as the event approaches.

There will be no check in at the fields, online check-in only. Rosters/waivers will be required.



All teams will be guaranteed 3 matches (40 minute halves U16-U19; 35 minute halves U15; 30 minute halves U13-U14; 30 minute halves U11-U12; 25 minute halves U9-U10). The tournament will take place over a two-day period.

Teams will be placed according to the club's suggested placement based on each team's competitive level.  The tournament director will do the best they can to place each team according to the specific club's suggested placement but final decision on placements will be at the tournament director’s discretion.  

All attendees (players, coaches, parents, college coaches, etc.) are required to sign off on a health, safety and liability release.

All games will follow the standard USSF rules of play, with the exception of modified rules for 7v7 play. In 7v7 matches, when the goalkeeper has the ball, either in their hands or from a goal kick, the opposition players must retreat into their own half of the field and remain there until the ball is put into play. The goalkeeper must pass, throw or roll the ball into play. NO PUNTING. Once the ball is put into play, the opposing team may cross the halfway line. 


Qualified officials will officiate each game. For our 11v11 matches, the three person system will be used. For 9v9/7v7, a one person system will be used. The Aztec Spring Showcase & Invitational has a Zero Tolerance Policy, which is in effect for the duration of the event. 


This event will follow IFAB Laws of the Game where substitutions can be made at ANY stoppage with the consent of the official. This includes, free-kicks, corners and opposition stoppages such as the other team’s kick-in.


The U11-U14 divisions will include playoffs. Any games classified as a semifinal/final will, in the event of a tie at the end of regulation, follow a golden goal OT format (two five-minute periods) followed by kicks from the penalty spot (standard five per side followed by “sudden death” protocols if needed).

Score Reporting:

All scores are to be reported for all matches. It will be the responsibility of the WINNING team to report the scores. If the game is a tie, the team listed as the HOME team will need to report the scores. All scores for all age groups should be reported within 15 minutes of completion of a match. Score reporting will be done online. On the tournament event webpage, in the upper right corner there is a "Scoring Input" link. Click that, enter the Pin 1234, find your match and input the score. Here are helpful tips for reporting scores:

Player Safety:

It is expected that coaches will keep players who have sustained injuries off the field. Referees and coaches must not allow anything dangerous to be worn that could be harmful to a player or an opponent on the field. The referee’s judgment shall determine what is safe and what is dangerous. Some examples of items that are considered unsafe (but not limited to those stated) are braces, splints, prior injuries, jewelry, hats, barrettes, and faulty cleats. CASTS –Will be allowed if the cast has been properly wrapped in bubble wrap and it is determined to be safe by the Site Director and Referee Coordinator. Certified trainers will be on site during the event.

Weather Policy:

All efforts will be made to play all games, but in the event of conditions such as inclement weather causing fields to be unplayable, the tournament may: relocate/reschedule, change the length or cancel games. If games in play are called off due to weather, the tournament will decide if the game will be declared complete at the time of termination or if replay/cancellation is warranted. For divisions with playoffs, if the preliminary round standings are impacted due to loss of games, the tournament will decide the method of advancement and placement in playoff rounds. 

COVID Guidelines

COVID protocols have been changing throughout the duration of the pandemic and are likely to continue to change right up to the event date.  We will ensure that any mandated COVID specific rules will be followed throughout the event.  We will continuously update this section as further guidance is disseminated.  

Player Deportment:

The issuance of all red and yellow cards and other matters involving the conduct of a team, its players, coaches or supporters will be recorded and reported immediately to the home state association and the home/club league.

A player receiving two cautions (yellow cards) in a single game is considered to have been given an ejection (red card). A player who has been ejected (sent off) will not be replaced. A player who has been ejected will not return for that game and will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game.

A coach who has been ejected (sent off) will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game.

Any player or coach ejected (Red Card) from a game shall be ineligible to take part in any further action with the team during that match.

The referee, referee coordinator and staff/director will assess the ejection and decide upon further suspension. The discretion will be solely down to the director and referee coordinator.

Assault or abuse by players, coaches, or supporters will result in immediate suspension.