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Aztec Soccer’s mission is to provide a pathway for success for all of our players, this page is dedicated to our Goalkeepers.

From a Foundation Phase, all the way through to a final Advanced Phase, the Aztec Player Development Plan offers a high quality specialized youth goalkeeper program.

The Goalkeeping "GK" program will be aligned with the club-wide mission of developing well-rounded, disciplined, respectfully competitive individuals with an enjoyment for soccer and life. Coaching is our tool of inspiration and motivation.

The training environment we seek to create is a workshop to help players develop character. The GK training environment will celebrate individuality in an environment where players are challenged to achieve their potential, while having fun every step of the way.


The goalkeeper plays a highly specialized position and requires a unique skill-set different from the outfield players. The Aztec Development plan fosters growth & development through inspiration and positive influence.

Coaches will share their own experiences and lessons learned with pride, vulnerability and gratitude. “There’s no ego here!” We are passionate about creating an environment where individual personalities are celebrated. Where qualities and attributes such as character, humility, honesty, accountability and respect for others are forged.

An environment where players are challenged to achieve their potential, but never losing sight of their love for soccer, competition and being part of a team. We are committed to holding ourselves to the highest standards in pursuit of supporting each player’s pursuit of their individual dreams and aspirations.

The goal of each GK session is to:

1. Be enjoyable and rewarding for each goalkeeper
2. Provide optimal levels of involvement and engagement
3. Is stimulating and educational


ENGAGING: To create a fun, enjoyable and safe learning environment with a training culture unique to goalkeeping.

EVER IMPROVING: To improve upon techniques, as well as tactical decision making skills. Create a curriculum with established and expected developmental goals for specific age bands or groups.

ACCOUNTABILITY: To instill in the goalkeepers a desire to improve their performance. OWNERSHIP: To increase the goalkeepers’ confidence in play as well as the ability to lead and communicate effectively.

INTEGRATION: Proper goalkeeper integration in every day training and game scenarios will assist in the overall development of the goalkeeper’s skill-set and will align the goalkeeper within the team’s tactical strategy.

Oli Gunnarsson

Director of Operations; Aztec Goalkeeper Director

Julius Pertillar

Aztec Senior Boys Director; Aztec Goalkeeper Director