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Programs: Tots - U15

Tots Programs 18 mos+

A FUN, soccer based gross motor skill development program for children ages 18 months to 6 years. 

We use high energy, skill building games and activities to improve running control, balance, agility, ball/eye coordination, teamwork, core soccer skills and of course scoring goals! Aztec Tots' experienced staff carefully design classes to be non-competitive allowing children to develop, celebrate successes, encourage sportsmanship as well as heighten listening skills and attention span.  Check out our schedule!

TEDDIES - 18-35 months with adult participant
KOALAS - 3 year old beginners with adult passively participating
CUBS - 3-5 years
FIRST TOUCH ADVANCED - ages 4-6 who are ready to learn an introduction to soccer

Academy Programs

Clinics ♦ Aztec Futures ♦ Aztecnique

U6 and U8 Clinics

Aztec Academy Clinics are age appropriate technical training sessions designed to improve player’s Foot Skills, First Touch, Ball Striking, Passing/Receiving, Dynamic Athleticism, and Soccer Intelligence. The element of FUN is firmly ingrained into each session. 

Aztec Futures

The program is open to birth year 2009/2010/2011 and ALL levels of skill and experience. Coach Jeff evaluates all players, and places everyone in the appropriate age group, skill level and/or team. Players already love the beautiful game, let Aztec Futures set the stage for age appropriate competition.


Our professional coaches provide a challenging environment highlighting each player's technique in executing fakes and turns, first touches, and ball striking.  Additionally we focus on improving players' skill, SAQ (Speed/Agility/Quickness) and understanding of The Principles in Attack, Possession, and Defense.   

NEW! Skillz Check Clinics

Aztec and non-Aztec are welcome and encouraged to support our partner Skillz Check. PLEASE NOTE: These clinics may run at Danvers Indoor Sports. Check the schedule for location 

Skillz Check guides all players to attain their maximum potential in the game of soccer - club and non-club are encouraged to participate. SC places emphasis on skill and tactical development through a training process that emphasizes fair play, respect and hard work. 

Programs are presented through a dynamic and creative soccer training model. All players are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity! 

Aztec Training Programs

Aztec Tots | Aztec Futures Academy Clinics| Aztecnique  Small Group   |  Skillz Check Academy 

Aztec Soccer runs an array of programming for players of varying ages and skill levels. Please explore our website to learn more about our offerings, and use the contact info below if you have any questions.

Aztec Calendar

Event Dates Ages Link
Fall Programs Sept 4 - Oct 25, 218 18 mos - 10 Years
Fall Foot Skillz Sept 14 - Oct 26, 2018 5 - 15 Years
Monty's Juggling Contest Sept 17, 2018 All Ages
Mini Ball Challenge Sept 24 2018 Academy 2009 & 2010
Surprise! Training Event Sept 26 2018 Girls: Club Junior Teams N/A
Winter I 2018 Programs Nov 6 - Jan 18, 2019 18 mos - 10 Years
Endicott College Night Oct 17 2018 All Ask you TM for Details!!
Winter TRY OUTS Week November 5-9 2018 2010 through 2001
Thanksgiving Training Break Nov 21 - 25 Tots Acad & Club Junior Teams N/A
Thanksgiving Tournament Nov 22 - 25 Club Senior Teams
Winter II 2019 Programs Jan 25 - Mar 22 18 Mos - 10 Years
Vacation Clinic February 2019 5 - 15 Years
Spring Programs April 2 - May 31 2019 18 mos - 10 Years
Vacation Clinic April 2019 5 - 15 Years