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Parent Protocol


Aztec Soccer is designed purely for the development of its players and for the love of soccer. Our families are critical to our success and to a player's success. Parents play many roles in sports: current or former athlete, coach, fan, motivator, role model or critic. A few studies have shown that family members may influence an athlete’s involvement and achievement in sport more than coaches.

Please take a moment to understand our Aztec Parent Protocol

1.  Be Positive. Be Supportive. Cheer loudly, cheer proudly. Encourage everyone. Negativity of any kind is unwelcome. These are children, not professional athletes. The referees are human and can make mistakes, but it is the coach’s role to address these situations. The parent’s role is to enjoy watching their child play soccer and be ready to listen and encourage when she/he comes off the field.

2.  Allow Independent Decision Making. Part of learning is making mistakes. Give the players the opportunity to make mistakes and the freedom to make decisions. In the long run, it will help them develop as players which is our primary goal! 

3.  Model Good Behavior. We want to be known in the soccer community as an organization that has exhibits dignity, respect and integrity whether we win, lose or draw.

4.  Follow Best Practices. While the game is being played, the coach will decide what is best for the team and as such, parents are expected to support these decisions. When the game is over, regardless of the outcome, it will be the coach who will evaluate performance, reinforce good decisions and make corrections as needed. Parents should take the time to listen to their son/daughter and allow him/her to lead the conversation - and they may not want to talk about the game. If however, there is something the player would like to discuss, players are encouraged to approach their coach during the week. 

5.  Seek Problem Resolution. If there are any issues or concerns, we would like the players to address the coach directly (in person, not via email or phone). If a parent insists on being present, we are happy to make arrangements but the child should also be present. Please wait 24 hours before addressing issues with your manager or coach. Focus on the long term development of your child. We'll be happy to talk about it.

6.  Enjoy the Game! Your behavior and attitude towards the game and their long term development help set the tone for your daughter/son’s performance. Sit back and enjoy. 

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