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Aztec Tots

What is Aztec Tots?

Aztec Tots is a soccer based child development and physical fitness program for children aged 18 months up to 6 years old. We use a variety of fun, soccer-based skill building games and activities to engage kids in a noncompetitive environment, building self-confidence and pride. Classes are designed to develop gross motor skills and abilities such as kicking, catching, throwing, jumping, running control, foot eye coordination, teamwork and sportsmanship as well as introduce the foundation of soccer, health and wellness. Ratios are kept small to ensure a great experience for all.


  • Sessions typically run for 8 weeks ($130)
  • We offer a class schedule every day, even weekends and evenings
  • Meet for approx. 50 minutes/once per week
  • Registration fee includes a t-shirt for new players
  • $20 sibling discount
  • We prorate, so you can join anytime (if a class is not full)
  • Many families continue on in Academy and Competitive teams.


See below for further class descriptions and ages:
TEDDIES - 18-35 months with adult participant
KOALAS - 3 year old beginners with adult passively participating
CUBS - 3-5 years
FIRST TOUCH ADVANCED - ages 4.5-6 who are ready to learn an introduction to soccer

Teddies - 18-35 Months

A mandatory parent/guardian participation class that uses a variety of props and games to encourage toddlers in developmentally appropriate, soccer specific bio motor skills, group dynamics, and listening. Our coach serves only as a guide. Children will begin to experience the FUN of playing soccer and being active. Please no cell phones on the field. Ratio is 9:1.

Teddies classes are divided into Teddies 1: 18-24 months, Teddies 2: 24-35 months and Teddies All: a combined age class of 18-35 months.

Koalas - 3 Year Old Beginners

passive parent participation class where occasional guidance is necessary from parents to guide and redirect or address negative behavior. Children will perform developmentally appropriate games and activities with balls and props to enhance their soccer specific bio motor skills, encourage cooperative group dynamics, and follow simple instructions. Very active and FUN. Ratio is 10:1.

Children in Koalas are not ready to be independent and still need occasional guidance/security of a parent to redirect and engage them. Parents in Koalas participate passively  but may be called upon to join group games.

Cubs - Ages 3-5 Years

Non parental participation class that alternates fun, developmentally appropriate high energy/low energy games and basic soccer skills using soccer balls, beach balls and various props. Coaches focus on kicking, running and ball control, foot/eye coordination, dribbling, possession as well as listening, attentiveness and following instructions. Depending on the class' readiness, some 1v1 or 2v2 competitions are introduced. Ratio is 12:1

Cubs classes are divided into Cubs 1: 3-4 years, Cubs 2: 4-5 years and Cubs All: a combined age class of 3-5 years. Children in Cubs should be comfortable participating in an independent class.

First Touch - Advanced 4.5-6 Year Olds

Aztec's First Touch introduces core soccer and tactical skills. Emphasis is placed on individual soccer development, ball control, introductory foot skills, team play, sportsmanship and fitness. The weekly class consists of fun, skill building drills, a weekly lesson (passing, shooting, open space, shielding, first touch) and ends with a controlled small-sided scrimmage or 1v1 challenges. Ratio is 10:1

Children in First Touch MUST be emotionally and physically ready for competition and have the physical/cognitive skills needed to grasp true soccer concepts.