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Preparing for the Next Level

Aztec Soccer prides itself on the ability to compete in the NPL and NEP leagues and State Cup/Regional Tournaments as an affiliate of US Club Soccer. Our training begins as early as 18 months, with Aztec professional staff guiding your family through each growth stage. Our teams range from U9-U23 and participate in age appropriate, high-profile events in our three regions and around the country.


  • Community environment with a proven pathway for youth soccer players to develop into elite players
  • Progressive curriculum and training focused on Individual Player Development
  • Partnered with Skillz Check to guarantee diverse, year round training options
  • Systematic assessment process designed to provide constructive feedback from which goals are set
  • College Advisory Board to facilitate the college selection process

Academy Teams U9-U11

Aztec Academy U9-U11 teams are designed to prepare passionate young soccer players for success. Our goal is to create special players with the ball while also focusing on developing our young players’ soccer intelligence utilizing a building block methodology.

Junior Teams U11-U14

The Aztec Junior Teams are focused on individual player development. The emphasis is on the technical, tactical, physical and mental growth of each player. The Junior team environment is structured in a "player first" format, which fosters skill-building in all facets of the game.

Senior Teams

Reaching the Senior team level is the result of a proven winning combination: Aztec Philosophy and Player Dedication. THIS is where our athletes see the results of their hard work. THIS is the pinnacle of achievement. THIS is where Aztec proudly showcases its Style of Play and adherence to its Mission. 

Adult Teams

The Aztec adult team programs include NEP U23 teams. These teams play in the summer months focused on providing the current and future collegiate athlete with the competitive environment necessary to prepare for success in college and beyond.

Mike Kersker

President Aztec Soccer