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Tuition Assistance

2021/2022 Tuition Assistance Application

Please click here to access the google form for the tuition assistance application.

Tuition Assistance Process

The Aztec Soccer Club is committed to providing a high-quality, affordable youth soccer program, accessible to everyone. While we try hard to keep club fees as low as possible, we realize that paying the full amount can be a hardship for some families. It is important to understand that tuition assistance is directly dependent on the amount of funds available and the number of applications received. Tuition assistance will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

To be considered for tuition assistance, applicants must complete the online application below.  Applicants must be in good financial standing with the club and their team from prior years. 

The following are not covered by tuition assistance and must be paid by each player:

  • Team tournament fees
  • Purchase of full uniform package
  • Applicants will be responsible for paying any uniform, club, coaching or team fee expenses not covered by the assistance award.

Applications will be reviewed by the Aztec Senior Leadership team and all information will be kept confidential.  Tuition Assistance Awards are awarded based upon need not talent based. 

All tuition assistance applications and financial documentation and information provided will be kept CONFIDENTIAL. For the privacy of our applicants, all documentation provided will be destroyed after the review and the committee makes a determination for approval or denial.

Non-Discrimination Clause
No one will be disqualified from consideration because of sex, race, color, creed, religious beliefs, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, handicap status, veteran status, or any other status protected under federal and state law.

By completing and submitting the online application, you agree to provide proof of income/need, as may be required by the Aztec Senior Leadership team. Aztec reserves the right to ask for further income verification documentation such as copies of state or federal tax returns. Applicant agrees to provide documentation upon request.

All players should complete the tuition assistance application prior to completing online team acceptance process. Players  will receive a response from Aztec Senior Leadership within 72 hours of complete applications. 

Questions the Aztec Senior Leadership will ask the Team Managers/Coaches about players who have played previously for the Aztec Soccer:

  • Does the player attend practice regularly?
  • Is the player present at all games?
  • Does the player arrive promptly for games and practices?
  • Do parents willingly volunteer for team and club commitments?

Criteria and Eligibility
To be considered you must: 

  • Complete and submit an application for Tuition Assistance. 
  • Please include any additional documentation that will demonstrate financial need.
  • Applications that are not filled out completely will not be considered. 
  • Applications must be filled out and signed by the adult requesting assistance. Applications for assistance cannot be filled out by coaches, team managers, children, or friends. 
  • Any unpaid fees from prior seasons will result in the applicant being ineligible for assistance. 

Any questions? Please email Jared Scarpaci.