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In 2019, several of our Aztec Junior teams took part in a special Yokohama/Chelsea clinic which was held at Essex Sports Center in MIddleton.

Yokohama: Aztec Friends and Family Rebate

As part of our annual partnership, Yokohama Tire offers a special $60 rebate for all players, parents, coaches, employees and volunteers.

After you purchase your tires, you can submit the rebate form online or submit the physical form via USPS. In order to verify you are from Aztecs Soccer Club you need to enter your Aztec2020 into the member ID box of the rebate form. 

See below for details on how to submit your rebate online. For any questions on these rebates, you can contact Melissa Grimmond at Yokohama Tire at

How to Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get your rebate.

STEP #1:
Email with their Aztec Team name to receive their personalized redemption form.

STEP #2:
Complete provided redemption form and submit for processing.

STEP #3:
Receive $60 rebate card in the mail 6-8 weeks from submission date.


Click image to enlarge.


Click image to download the rebate form.